Deeply concerned with the development of qualified insurance human resources, we conduct in-house and external comprehensive training for all our staff. The main objective of these trainings is to provide professional services to our customers and to further strengthen our position in Indonesia insurance market.

Our internal training courses have produced substantial amount of qualified professionals in insurance industry. We regularly send our staff to take exams of Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and Indonesian Insurance Expert Management Association (AAMAI), Society of Actuaries of Indonesia (PAI), which have produced a number of graduates of Casualty Insurance Entrant Expert of Indonesia (AAAI-K), Casualty Insurance Expert of Indonesia (AAI-K) and Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII).

We are proud of our company culture of having never recruited any staff from existing market or other insurance companies, instead, we always recruited and trained personnel of new graduate. Since the establishment of the company, all our staff are being selected and trained by high quality and professional training programs. The career development training program is initiated and coordinated by Mr Roger Yeh, one of the founders of the company, who is also the first achiever of Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) from Indonesia in 1981 and Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute (FCII) in 1986

The top management is resolute that this pristine culture will not only be persistently maintained, but will be constantly improved to achieve greater quality human resources.